Caister Holiday Camp

In the late 1950's Barkers gained a photographic concession at Caister Holiday Camp.
They had a yellow and white striped wooden 'hut' placed at the far end of the camp near the gates to the beach. ( The gates were the original railway gates which formed the crossing, a relic from the days when the Midland and Great Northern trains ran right past the camp and stopped at the halt for the campers.) I can remember seeing what would probably have been one of the last non- stop trains just passing through and the campers having to wait by the gates on their way to the beach.
George did all the photography at the camp and Joyce worked in the shop. At that time George did not own a car and he used to travel from Gorleston to Caister on a Raleigh Moped each day.During the first year the campers called my father 'Charlie , the name of his predecessor, but he soon became a very well known and popular figure. He had to wear a blue jacket at Caister Camp , which was their uniform colour. When he sometimes had to work in Yarmouth as well he had to remember to change into the red jacket. One day he forgot and wore his red jacket in the camp, which didn't go down well, because as you know 'Red Coats' were associated with the 'other lot at Butlins'.
Gail Godfrey.